We are Femme Fatale

We are Femme Fatale

What We Do

Cirque Du Soleil
Red Bull Bc One World Final
Formula1 Grand Prix Singapore
Tu Si Que Vales Tv Show Italy
At&t Warners Brothers
World Of Dance
Breakin’ Convention London, USA
Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Choreography For Music Video
Theater Show
Conference Show And More

Global Workshops
Private Classes
Movement Coach
Online Classes At Steezy


Artistic Direction

Dance Classes

Femme Fatale is a group of 3 female international dancers: Marie Poppins, Lily Frias, and Dassy Lee. They are based in Los Angeles but are originally from different countries: France, Mexico, and Korea.




Gallery & Snapshots



  • Artistic Direction
  • Live Performance
  • Dance classes

We want to put our style of dance in the commercial world but mostly be role models for women and inspire future dance generations all over the world.